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mission: make infinite possibilities intelligently

1、try to be the best

2、exceed expectations, create with your mind

3、assist customers to improve product capabilities and allow consumers to enjoy a better life

vision: to be the best supporting actor in the electronics industry

1、become the "hidden champion" in the segment

2、become an indispensable partner for the world's top customers

3、let employees realize their own life growth and value through struggle

core values: customer first, quality first, diligent collaboration, long-termism

customers first

1、customer-centric, respect and thank customers

2、provide customers with cost-effective solutions through technological innovation

3、think about what customers think, be anxious about what customers want, and provide products and services that exceed customer expectations

quality first

1、quality is the vitality of an enterprise

2、abide by the contract, value integrity, not be greedy for profit, and build good products with good character

3、personality quality, product quality, work quality, life quality, four products in one

diligent collaboration

1、continuously progress with a professional, persistent, and excellence attitude

2、learn from differences, grow through trial and error

3、results-oriented, actively and effectively communicate, improve the process system, and create value together


1、based on the present, focusing on the future, starting with the end

2、use heroes to build a hero team and cultivate more heroes

3、create a platform-based organization with a win-win situation for employees, customers, partners, society, and shareholders from the perspective of the future